Welcome everyone :)

What I love most about being a writer is that I can live adventures in other worlds.  Have you ever wished you could fly?  Have you ever dreamed about a magical place where a simple flower may contain the key to your very survival?  A little over the top perhaps.  My point is you can create anything and everything you could ever imagine.  Journey to the far reaches of places that do not even exist.

This is how it started for me.

The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Rings, was the first movie I had watched on big screen that allowed me to really feel like I was apart of the story myself.  It opened a magic key hole in my imagination in which my creativity was born.  I then began reading each book in the series, including the Hobbit, and enjoyed it immensely.

Then the movie Eragon was released.  The dragon was so very exciting and the bond that  formed between her and her rider was inspiring.  I had to read those books as well.

During my maternity leave I started dreaming about a world of Elves and Dragons. Yet, the characters were not the same as those I’d seen or read in the above stories.  They were new. They were my own.  My precious.

When I told Shawn (my fiance) about these visions in my sleep, he encouraged me to write notes on paper.  Then his mother told me about this writing work shop at the library.  So, I attended and signed up for a new monthly writing group.

Thus the world of Elganthis, my world, was created.



Tania Simcock